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Grand Rapids Floral Shop Bouquet

Welcome to Grand Rapids area flower shop!

Designers Choice

Designer's Choice

  Designer's Choice is usually, YOUR BEST OPTION   Next time you call to order flowers, you should consider designer's choice.  When you opt for designer's choice, it gives the designer the ability to make something special just for you!     Ordering flowers online can be frustrating,... Continue Reading

March 08, 2022

Fresh Flower Bouquet Care

  Our flowers come pre-treated with your plant food in the water.   How to care for your flowers! Always, keep your fresh flowers away form drafts and extreme temperatures, this can quickly dry out your flowers.  Do not place your arrangement near fruit or in the path of cigarette smoke, the ethylene gas is detrim... Continue Reading

March 03, 2022

AuthorBy: Rose Bowl Floral & Gifts

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